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Welcome to THE place for young people, and the young at heart, to congregate, have fun, and make possibly lifelong friends. Everyone has a creative side and not many have tapped into it- here, you can share your own art and be inspired by others'. Even if you think you have no talent, join anyway and we'll talk about everything under the sun. In this community, anything goes, and all you have to do to get in is to love the band U2. Why? They inspired this and continue to inspire us every day of our lives. If we all have at least one fandom in common, we'll get along smashingly! So come on in, kick off your shoes, and settle in with the soda of your choice in a place where the best person you can be like is yourself. While on the subject of being yourself: be sure to think of a nickname that you can introduce yourself with. We can help you think of something... the only rule here is to not go by your real name. Here's the list of peeps SO FAR:

starbucksmanic: Elsie
hot_coffee: Sprake
sabneraznik: Mimi
davefilkins: JonJon
dramatae: Red
persistance: Sly
until_i_drown: Liberty
anharaxiel: Raederle
girlfindsworld: Elemonie
creepy_coyote: Creepy
silken_sky51060: Madonna's Child
moydrumm: Ezra

To get on the list, introduce yourself and get a nickname, and I'll stick you on. :)